Private Label Spices, Private Label Seasonings, Private Label Coffee

Want to create a custom blend and then have us co-package it for you? Maybe your own bbq sauce or salad dressing? In fact, at Old Mansion Foods, we can private label your custom blended product in batch sized packaging for industrial processing, or in flexible packaging for institutional or retail application.

We can help you develop your unique food product whether it is a seasoning blend that you have created and want to have produced and packaged or an existing Old Mansion blend that you would like to market. We are a food and ingredients “solutions” company that can transform your idea into reality. We can even provide turnkey service: development, production and packaging.

At Old Mansion Foods, we have been private labeling spices, seasonings, coffees and teas for medium and large companies for over a century. We currently provide private labeled spices and blends for many restaurants, gourmet stores, manufacturers and supermarkets across the country.

Advantages of Private Labeling:

    • Gain low-risk entry into new markets
    • Reduce Lead-time in getting a new product or package to market
    • Avoid unnecessarily large production runs
    • Reduce the cost of extending your product line
    • Reduce the cost of extending your brands
    • Extend your brand influence
    • Reduce capital requirements

With private label spices, seasonings and coffees, you control the sales of your product and keep your brand identity. Your blend, your brand, your packaging … .a total custom solution!

That way, we put our great products behind your great name!

At Old Mansion Foods, we encourage you to stop by our innovative Virginia spice company to find out more about our private label spices, private label seasoning, and private label custom spice blend solutions. Feel free to get a quote or call us at 804-862-9889 or 800-476-1877.

Examples of food products we can private label include:


Meat Rubs Tea Coffee
BBQ Flavors Glazes Seasoning Salts
Snack Seasonings Cajun Blends Breaders & Batters
Gravy Mixes Marinades Dip Mixes
Salad Dressings Soup Mixes Bakery Mixes
Confections Sauce Mixes Seasoning Blends